We are witnessing a disruptive way
of doing business called cCommerce.

Messaging and social apps are converging with commerce in new and innovative ways. Zbooni was born to seamlessly bring the two worlds together and allow businesses to capture this opportunity.

What began as a solution to help small businesses in the UAE expanded quickly. We now serve businesses of all shapes and sizes across multiple countries. Our vision of empowering businesses, and understanding what they really need remains true.

Thank you for being here, we’re happy to have you. If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ramy Assaf,
Founder & CEO

Our Vision

Enabling exceptional personalized commerce experiences for businesses and their customers.

Our Mission

Empowering the next generation of commerce.

Our Values

Have compassion

Be human and treat everyone with care and respect without discrimination. Stay mindful of people around you and what matters to them. Handle every customer’s business like it’s your own.

Create impact

Make a difference through your words and/or actions. Raise your voice when you witness injustice or prejudice. Be an agent of change for the better in your personal and professional life.

Keep growing

Keep yourself informed about your environment and the world we live in. Nurture your innovative mind and strive to stay ahead. Support others in their personal and professional development.

Our Team

The Zbooni family keeps growing with individuals who are passionate about preserving human connections amidst technological innovation, and leading industry change.

Our Locations


Mazaya Business Avenue

Tower AA1, Office 3205

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai


3064 Abu Bakur Al Saddik

Office 25, 2nd Floor. Code 7704

Al Yassmin Area, Riyadh


King Hussein Business Park Building number 7

V Business Center, 3rd floor Office 304



CO-55 - City center

Makram Ebied - Nasr city