How It Works
How do I setup an account?

First download the Zbooni App, it’s available on both Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple. From there, create a new account and complete your basic business profile. This includes full name, store name, phone number, email and a physical address to start. 

Does my customer need the Zbooni App?

No! The app is for businesses to use only. When you send a link to your customers, they will be brought to a checkout page that works on any browser. Your eStore is also available for your customers to visit from any browser. To complete a payment, your customer can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay or Mada cards – no app is needed on the customer’s phone.

So are you a payment gateway?

No, Zbooni is an online marketplace. That means we help host your products and store within our marketplace, but we don’t allow our payments service to be used anywhere outside of Zbooni. We  partner with leading payment gateways that manage the payment processing depending on which market and type of transaction fits best. We deal with all that headache so you don’t have to. We work with Amazon Payment Services, PayTabs, and more.

What do you mean my customers pay through WhatsApp?

When you use Zbooni to create an order, an order link will be generated. This includes the item being sold and the price. You share that link on WhatsApp (or anywhere else you like) with your customer, they’ll be taken to a secure checkout page to pay. 

Do you integrate with my website or app?

No, we do not offer our service outside of our app. If you want to accept payments on your own website or in your app, you will need to have your own payment gateway. We can only support transactions that occur in our marketplace.

Do I need a trade license to use Zbooni?

Zbooni merchants are required to have a trade license to use the platform.  We accept freelance and e-trader licenses issued by local regulatory authorities.  Sales amounts may be settled into personal bank accounts of authorized business personnel.

Do you manage delivery too?

No, we leave that to each merchant.  Zbooni can help to collect address information from your customers and add delivery charges based on customer location – but we don’t manage the logistics.

Can I have multiple users on one account?

Yes, you can have a shared login for a single account. If you are looking for agents to have their own separate access, then please get in touch.

Charges and Fees
What are the fees?

To use Zbooni is free. You can setup your store, and add unlimited products/services that you can display on your store. We only charge on successful transactions. Our fee is 3.5% of the total amount sold. Local VAT is applicable to our 3.5%.

But some payment gateways charge less… why 3.5%?

Some payment gateways have monthly fees and a charge per transaction in addition to the percentage they take. Zbooni offers a flat and transparent price. Also, with Zbooni – you are availing online payment processing, which is generally a higher rate than card machines. Remember, you also get all the software you need for free, like a website, invoicing tools, a CRM, and order management system for free. It’s quite a deal for you!

How do we get paid?

By bank transfer. When a transaction occurs successfully, you will be notified and the amount due to you is shown in your Store Wallet. This amount will be eligible for payout 7 days after a transaction occurs. We will deposit the funds (minus processing fees) directly into your bank account.

Besides the 3.5% are there other fees?

Each transfer may incur a bank mandated transfer fee.  This fee can be up to AED10 per transfer request and is dependent on the country of your bank account and the local laws and regulations related to bank transfers. This fee is per payout, and not for each sales transaction you make.

How often can I request a payout?

You can request payouts on your eligible balance as often as you like, but we may bundle several requests into one bank transfer.

How do I add my bank account info?

When you setup your Zbooni account, you should add your bank account details under the Store tab > Wallet section.

I was charged on my credit card from your website, but I don’t remember using Zbooni, what is this charge?

Thousands of merchants use Zbooni, when they use our platform, you may see Zbooni mentioned on your billing statement. If you don’t recognize the charge, check your email for a receipt for the amount and date of the charge and you will likely remember what you bought and from who.  Otherwise feel free to reach out to us on help@zbooni.com with the amount charged, the date of the charge and your full name so we can help you locate the transaction and the Zbooni merchant you have purchased from. 

How can I refund a customer for a transaction?

To issue a refund, you must send an email to refunds@zbooni.com with the order # and amount you would like to be refunded.

What types of credit cards are accepted?

Any Visa, Mastercard (both credit and debit card) or Mada cards are accepted on Zbooni. We currently do not support AMEX or other cards.

Can I get my money faster than 7 days?

Yes, this may be possible for merchants with an established transaction history. Slightly higher fees may apply.

Zbooni Corporate Info
What is Zbooni?

Zbooni a mobile app for businesses. It provides a system to do commerce through a variety of channels and helps small businesses start, run and grow. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Dubai, and operate across the UAE, KSA and Jordan. New markets are coming soon.