Although every business knows that emails end up unread and trashed, email marketing is one of the few tools available that is easy and affordable. But not anymore.

Say hello to Collections by Zbooni.


More effective than email marketing

What is it?

‘Collections’ is a new and powerful marketing tool in your Zbooni app that will help you sell more and gain more control over your business. You can now create a collection of items that you can promote where your customers are paying the most attention: WhatsApp.

Use cases.

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few ways to help you get started on using Collections.

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Special occasions

Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Eid-al-Fitr , etc. You can create collections with gift ideas specific to these occasions and send them to your customers over chat.


Seasonal events

Back to school, Summer Sale, Shopping Festival, etc. Create collections geared towards seasonal events to promote your products or services. The best part? You can personalize your message to win back customers.

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Responding to customer queries

Sometimes you receive messages with very specific requests. To ensure a quick sale, make the experience easier for your customers by tailoring collections to their needs.


Creating personal collections

You know your top customers well, they buy from you often. Now there’s a way to create personal collections for them and send it to them over WhatsApp.

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After you are done creating your collection you can:

Feature it on your cShop.

Send it on WhatsApp to one or a group of people.

Click on “More” and send it by email or any other social or messaging app like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

Copy the link and paste it anywhere you like, your Instagram bio or add it to your linktree for example.


Enhance your customer experience.

Increase average basket size.

Increase your repeat customers.

Create a smoother selling experience over WhatsApp.

Communicate with your customers more effectively.

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