cCommerce Realities You Must Understand

Written by Saad Itani | Apr 06 2022


cCommerce Realities You Must Understand

Advertisements were mainly what we saw during T.V commercials, in newspapers, free press and magazines. Businesses paid big money to get a 15 second primetime slot on a popular T.V station or a full page in a widely distributed newspaper. It made sense since that was one of the only effective ways businesses could reach their target audience at that time. Today, however, things are a little different. The era of smartphones, social media and social commerce is causing an array of changes that is disrupting and revolutionizing how businesses find, reach and communicate with their target audience.

Data is Power

Data is power if you know how to exploit it. Businesses today can almost immediately know how effective their advertisements/promotions on social media really are. With a click of a button they get access to data that can precisely measure the reach, engagement and return of any free or paid online advertisement. This allows them to promptly tweak a communication strategy and constantly maximize effectiveness; something that would have been extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive to do in the past.

The Price is Right

The good news is that it no longer costs an arm and a leg to create brand/product awareness. With all the different available outlets available today, any SMB can run productive campaigns for an affordable price. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are just some of the popular platforms that equip businesses with the perfect tools to inexpensively reach and gain new markets and customers.

Monetize on the Impulse

cCommerce, or connected commerce, is all about allowing purchases to happen from anywhere at any time. Its success feeds on impulse buying. Since social-commerce generates the highest number of digital sales, it is paramount that businesses make sure the sales process is frictionless and is as easy as possible. Zbooni, is built for exactly that. Zbooni helps thousands of businesses increase their online conversion rate over any social or chat-based platform, such as Instagram or WhatsApp, while ensuring the smoothest customer experience possible.

Monologue to Dialogue

The age of one-way communications is over and smart businesses have already understood that. Consumers now have a voice and everyone is listening. From Twitter tweets to YouTube reviews, customers are publicly rating and criticizing businesses, products and services each and every single day. Customers have questions and they demand answers which is why all brands are active on social media and/ or have adopted live chat as a channel to communicate with and sell to their customers.

Connected commerce plays a critical role in the growth and success of any sized business. It is important to understand that this is not a fad but rather an undeniable actuality that the world of commerce has transformed into. cCommerce has indeed changed purchasing behaviors and expectations. Even though it might seem a little overwhelming to some, cCommerce has in-fact opened up a world of potential and growth to businesses that can comprehend and adapt to this reality.