3 Fabulous Female-Ruled Local Businesses

Written by Lara Fatho | Nov 07 2022


3 Fabulous Female-Ruled Local Businesses

Did you know that there’s a 40 percent gap between male and female ownership of businesses in the MENA region? And, that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says that barriers towards jobs and careers for women are costing the region $575 billion a year?

To celebrate female owners and founders, we’re highlighting a few of the inspirational entrepreneurs across a range of industries that you can #shoplocal in Dubai. You can easily chat and order through social accounts and customized stores, powered by homegrown MENA tech platform Zbooni.

Blossom Tree

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Whether it’s a big bouquet on a birthday, some carefully chosen anniversary blossoms, or even those ‘I’m sorry I was an idiot’ make-up buds, flowers are the gift for all occasions. A global poll even found that nearly half of men would be delighted to receive flowers as a gift, so why not support locals and surprise your guy pals too? Blossom Tree is run by sisters and owners Asya and Irina Abaeva. Putting care and attention into every arrangement, Blossom Tree stocks the freshest flowers all year round.

Clear Popz

Tania Kreindler’s home of delicious lollipops is a fan favorite, especially for weddings, birthdays and special occasions. Clear Popz Lickable Luxury L.L.C is the region's first customized lollipop atelier. When launching Clear Popz, Tania’s intention wasn't merely to create edible art, but also reduce sugar consumption in the region, appeal to the health conscious community and create a low calorie, Diabetic and Keto friendly treat. There was a huge gap in the market for extraordinary lollipops to elevate dessert table displays and to add another dimension to special events.

Clear Popz creates the Popz in 4 stages and ALL the artwork is positioned face down and backwards to ensure the stick remains behind the edible image. They’re the perfect party favor, make excellent gifts and are suitable for all ages. Their designs always match party themes, cake designs or invitations with carefully curated ideas so the Popz will be ready to display, photograph and even eat too… Forget the same-old sweets, and order in these infinitely Instagrammable treats.

Lamac Crafts

Finding the right furniture can be a daunting prospect, particularly for those who have just landed in Dubai. Fortunately, you can find a great array of homeware and custom made designs at Lamac Crafts, brainchild of Alifiya Bhanpurawala.

Amidst the market that's saturated with big labels and ready-made furniture, she has created her identity by providing creative designs and excellent customer experience. You can find a fine variety of coffee tables, consoles, dining tables and much more stocked on her online store