cCommerce: should you consider it?

Written by Saad Itani | Mar 22 2022


cCommerce: should you consider it?

Many businesses wonder if they should adopt cCommerce to their day to day business activities and use it as a channel to reach and increase sales. Connected commerce (CC), is the use of chat and social applications by businesses to reach customers and convert sales. Today with chat being the most used feature in the world and chat bots being the topic of the year, CC is an inevitable development that most businesses will want to utilize. But the question remains, is it really worth adopting?

Think of it this way, people want to talk to other people. It’s in our nature. When it comes to commerce, buyers want to talk to sellers. Whether they want to ask about quality, material, color, return policies or even ask for the seller’s opinion, customers feel secure knowing that there is someone on the other end assuring them. On the other hand most businesses want to talk to their customers. Having the ability to physically drive a sale is power. Sales people get the chance to up-sell, give special discounts, negotiate and most importantly improve their customer relationships. So if done properly, CC will in fact have significantly higher conversion rates in comparison to e-commerce sites and will directly affect sales making it a win-win across the board.

That being said however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Creating a proper CRM, enabling online payment through chat and arranging shipping are amongst some of the basic annoyances that come with CC. Let’s not forget that most of these chat platforms were never designed for business but cCommerce platforms like Zbooni, are designed and built specifically for that.

So if you are wondering if you should start considering enabling cCommerce as a business channel, you should trust that sooner or later every business will have to be available on chat in order to compete. If you want to have a competitive advantage tomorrow, join the wave of adopters today.