How cCart is Different and Why it is Better

Written by Lara Fatho | Sep 07 2023



Here is how cCart is different from the likes of Klavio and Mailchimp:

  1. cCart enables your human salesforce and prompts them to use their skills to convert abandoned carts (Leads) into actual sales.

  2. cCart uses personal 1-1 channels that your customers use the most such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

  3. cCart showcases real-time visibility and analytics to stakeholders allowing them to make better decisions on who to contact and how likely they will convert.

Here is why cCart is better:

  1. cCart focuses on scalability while allowing you to harvest personal relationships with your customers.

  2. cCart integrates with your e-commerce platform and works in junction with other recovery tools you already might be using.

  3. cCart has a track record of converting up to 40% of abandoned carts into real orders.

Having access to the proper tools is important whether your goal is to increase conversion rates or customer LTVs. cCart lets you cultivate customer relationships using effective channels without forgoing personalization or scalability.

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