Conversion Success: Cultivating Personal Customer Relationships via cCart

Written by Saad Itani | Aug 08 2023


Conversion Success: Cultivating Personal Customer Relationships via cCart

Ecommerce has become the preferred medium for both buyers and sellers. For many, it is the preferred method to shop and sell. However like everything else, it comes with a set of challenges that businesses must now overcome in order to resonate with and remain relevant to customers.

Conversion rates, which measure the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase, are a critical metric for gauging business success. A direct input to conversion rates and a significant setback for revenue generation is cart abandonment. This is when customers drop off and do not complete their intended purchase.

With that in mind, many ecommerce businesses recognize the significance of having remarketing strategies in place. Traditionally email has been the primary mode of communication but has proven to be ineffective due to extremely low open rates (Below 5%). On the other hand, social chat apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram DM (with open rates above 95%) have shown to be impactful thanks to their personal 1-1 nature. Data suggests that businesses prioritizing one-to-one interaction with customers gain a competitive edge and have better engagement.

“The inherent challenges of oversaturated inboxes, increased competition for attention, and evolving consumer behaviors have consequently turned email marketing into a low impact avenue"

One solution that many local and international ecommerce businesses have begun to adopt is Besides being a merchant app that is designed to provide insightful visibility on customers and abandoned carts, it allows businesses to scale recovery activity via personalized messaging on effective channels that customers prefer to use. Remember, success in ecommerce lies in acquiring customers and in retaining them.

“The need for a more tailored and engaging approach has become a must-have, urging businesses to explore alternative avenues and embrace a customer-centric mindset.”

With cCart, they now witness remarkable success in reclaiming lost revenue and are fostering stronger customer relationships. Data shows cart recovery rates of up to 40% and an overall uptick in customer LTV.

“The power of facilitating scalable and targeted cart recovery activities has made it indispensable for ecommerce businesses looking for ways to optimize revenue potential and cultivate customer loyalty.”

Whether it is to increase sales, reach out to customers or provide a concierge driven experience, businesses are utilizing popular chat apps as the medium for communication. cCart ensures that these activities are scalable and trackable without hindering the personalization of these conversations.

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