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2023 Case Study

From lost sales to a WhatsApp‑driven goldmine.

Beachwear brand turns abandoned carts into happy customers and converted sales. From day one using cCart, Sand Dollar started recovering carts immediately and has since recovered 20% more abandoned carts.

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Sand Dollar, UAE - UK

Lucy Gibson, Founder and CEO

Industry: Fashion


Conversion rate in comparison with email


Recovery rate via one‑on‑one chat


Recovery rate value per converted cart

*Why more than 100%?


Not only are original items in the basket converting, but new items are being added and upsold.


Sand Dollar is a family-run business selling beach and resort wear. It has been running for more than 10 years, with stores in Dubai and a Shopify-powered e-commerce site.

lucy gibson

Lucy Gibson

Founder and CEO

Once we start that conversation with the customer, they're happy to hear from us. They feel valued that we've got in contact. We can send them a link straight to the checkout page and it's literally a couple of clicks for them to complete.


Sand Dollar struggled to have visibility over their online abandoned carts and needed a better way to manage things.

We just had an email that blasted each customer that had an abandoned cart and that was it. That's where we left it, we didn't keep track of them.


cCart provides Sand Dollar with an easy way to recover lost revenue through an accessible dashboard and shareable baskets on WhatsApp.

By chatting to customers, Sand Dollar can turn abandoned carts into meaningful customer relationships and sales.

Sand Dollar Results

From day one using cCart, Sand Dollar started recovering carts immediately and has since recovered thousands of dirhams in sales.

It's money that I would not have known was there to recover and now it's been made available to us. I would definitely recommend cCart, it's a game changer.

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