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2023 Case Study

From brick-and-mortar to chat and order.

How cCommerce enabled Tryano to generate AED 3.2 million in sales over WhatsApp.

Industry: Luxury Fashion

Location: UAE

Mode: Omni-channel department store


Conversion rate

from WhatsApp conversations


Avg order value

3x higher than typical in‑store purchases


Sales agents

Onboarded in 1 week


Tryano is a concept store that was launched by Chalhoub Group in 2015 that specializes in luxury brands stocking world-famous items from Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin and many more. The business has a physical store in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi and an online website.

We offer an excellent experience for our customers, and the relationship we build with them is the reason they come back to us again and again. Zbooni helps to maintain these relationships in a professional, easy and convenient way.

Chokri Salmi

Tryano Floor Manager.

With Zbooni, we can simply create a catalog or collection with all the items, pricing and descriptions there. It's a very friendly app and the team were quickly able to use it on a daily basis.


The 70-strong sales team at Tryano needed a way to conveniently share items and new collections with regular customers, providing the same personalized concierge experience remotely.

Before, we were just using a payment link, and we were not able to understand how much we sold or how many orders were generated. We couldn't showcase the product with full pictures, pricing and other details. For the big sales seasons we used to create a pdf to share with our customers.


Tryano deployed Zbooni for all sales team members to enable a convenient way to share the latest items, offers and sales with their regular customers.


Primary Channel

How they use it

01. Capture Orders

Upon downloading the app on their phones, our sales team was able to directly reach out to customers.

02. Sell More

We can share and manage curated catalogs, it doesn't take much time!

It's easy for the team to add suggested items to the basket and see the response from the customer.

03. Accept Payments

They just need to pay and our team handles the rest. It's secure, and professional.

04. Track Everything

And, on our dashboard we're able to understand the performance of our team members.

Tryano Results

Within only two months, Tryano closed more than a million dirhams in transactions using Zbooni, with some retail salespeople reaching 30 to 40% of their targets through Zbooni alone.

I would recommend Zbooni to any retailer, small or big, as it helps you bring in more income for your company. It's a very simple way to help you increase sales.

With chatbots there is no connection, but with Zbooni, customers are in touch with a real person, which they love.