What makes a licensed mobile marketplace crucial in 2023

Written by Hamed Ahli | Jan 09 2023


What makes a licensed mobile marketplace crucial in 2023

There is no denying that connected commerce is becoming increasingly competitive. However, considering that online shopping is predicted to become a chatty experience in 2023, you must take a well-thought-out approach to stay competitive. Having the proper licensing, reliability, and using tools and features related to digital commerce is essential to success as a digital business. This means providing omnichannel experiences, flexible payment options and streamlining everything that happens after the buy button — regardless of the digital platform a shopper uses.

MENA's trillion-dollar economy is constantly in flux as E-commerce and C-commerce are rapidly gaining traction and enabling market penetration of 40% and connecting 20 million micro, small and medium-sized businesses. This is why starting a cShop in Dubai has become an ideal business move for freelancers or SMEs. Essentially, the platform enables businesses to optimize their presence across touchpoints, increase sales, streamline customer retention, and access data and analytics.

For many, social selling can feel like a game of luck. But ultimately, the right people and tools determine the success of cShops. With a wealth of great marketplaces to choose from, Dubai offers almost endless possibilities to sell on social media. You could use your insta store to promote your offering, pay for ads or work with influencers to get your website in front of a wider audience. However, setting up a unique social shop is only one part of the puzzle to success with a digital business. Whichever avenue you take, you'll need to ensure that you're correctly licensed to trade within the UAE.

Being properly licensed is critical to business development and growth because it reassures customers that your online business is legitimate and compliant with the law. Dubai offers consumers the option of setting up businesses in the mainland or in a free zone, with the free zone being the more cost-effective option. It is also mandatory to be licensed since banks and payment gateways prefer businesses with corporate accounts. Furthermore, UAE law stipulates that if you operate a business without a permit, you will be liable for legal fines and penalties.

Business licensing, smooth payments and effective sales channels are vital for any legitimate company. Starting an online shop from home or working as a freelancer is easy when you work with a respected company formation expert. Either way, you can obtain a permit from a Dubai-based free zone and operate within or outside the UAE without restrictions.

Award-winning Free Zones like Meydan Free Zone provide MOFA and Chamber of Commerce recognized business licenses, with 3500 activities, an e-comm marketplace, a lease agreement, a bank account and a Flexi desk overlooking the racecourse inside the 5-star Meydan Hotel.