cCommerce Tactics to Increase Sales

Written by Rawan Kayat | Nov 28 2022


cCommerce Tactics to Increase Sales

Connected or chat commerce, also known as cCommerce is increasing and will continue to grow as long as shoppers adapt to online shopping habits. Popular social media platforms are investing in adapting to new trends in social commerce to gain speed to market and seamlessly sell.

What are some of the most important social commerce tactics?

Invest in Good Content and Graphic Visuals for Social Media

Be creative with how images are used on your social media channels to capture the audience’s attention and ensure full engagement potential. Visual content appeals to customers and can have a lasting effect on how they perceive the business. In addition, providing the audience with high-quality content is often memorable as it relates to specific events and urges the customer to take action.

Have curated collections ready to share

When a customer chats with you on social or messaging apps and they are asking for specific items such as a black dress, running shoes, gifts under 100$, etc the best and fastest way to keep them interested is by having collections already curated that are easily shareable by chat via link. The customers can browse items, check out on their own, or continue chatting with you if they have more questions. Zbooni’s ‘Collections’ allows you to do that while also keeping track of inventory so you do not oversell an item with a limited quantity.

Create Shorter Paths to Purchase

When the customer is in pay mode, they try to avoid distractions as much as possible. As a result, there should be special checkout features as a payment link for each transaction; where the customer receives a message shared directly to them from the social media network where they are and can pay with their desired payment method.

Implementing an easy payment solution that offers a flexible and secure way for customers to pay with the method they prefer, instills trust in your business and more confidence from customers to make transactions.

The biggest challenge today in online selling is the collection of payments and integrating it with your social media pages or chat. Not having an e-commerce store is no issue with the presence of Zbooni. It facilitates the sale of goods and encourages startups to increase their sales as well as create their own online stores with shareable catalogs on messaging apps through easy steps.